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Department of Measurement and Control Technology

The Department of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument was established in 1983, and it was named “Electromagnetic Measurement and Instrument” at the beginning of its establishment, which belonged to the discipline of Electrical Engineering. In 1983, we started to enroll three-year college students; in 1987, we started to enroll undergraduates, and in the same year, we were approved as a master’s degree granting institution of “Test and Measurement Technology and Instruments”. In 1998, the major name for undergraduate was renamed “Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument”, and it was authorized to confer doctoral degree. In 2002, it was approved as a first-class discipline of “Instrument Science and Technology”. In 2003, a post-doctoral station was established in the discipline of Instrument Science and Technology.

Currently, the Department has four professors (doctoral supervisors), five associate professors (including 3 doctoral supervisors and 1 associate researchers), one lecturer, 2 senior engineers and 1 engineer. More than 90% faculty are PhD and more than 50% faculty are under 45 years old. The research fields include intelligent sensors, intelligent instruments, intelligent control, power equipment condition monitoring, internet of things and other technologies. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 20 national projects such as “863” projects, national major scientific instruments and equipment development special projects, the projects of National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation projects, etc. It also has undertaken about 10 military projects and nearly 100 projects from enterprises such as the State Grid, Southern Power Grid, Changqing Oilfield and other important domestic enterprises. The annual research funding per person is about one million RMB. Research results have been published in Nature, IEEE Transactions on Industry Electronics, Analyst, Optics Letters, Chinese Science (E series) and other important academic journal at home and abroad. 3 projects were awarded for First Prize at Provincial and Ministerial Level, and 1 project was awarded Scientific and Technological Innovation Award from China Instrument Society.