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Research Institutes
Research Institutes

Institute of All Electric Technology and Electrical Machinery System


With the rapid development of all/multi-electric technology, there are a large number of scientific and technical problems related to the generation, storage, transmission, distribution and consumption of electric energy. Around these problems, research on integrated design, redundant setting and management of electrical drive, collaborative intelligent control, multi-physical field multi-scale analysis, development of new magnetic materials and electromagnetic equipment is an important guarantee to improve electric drive systems for rail transportation, aerospace and related equipment such as ships and marine engineering.


The Institute has a high-performance computing and optimization design platform, magnetic properties and loss test platform for magnetic materials, multi-electric transport equipment test platform, and an independent power system test platform with energy storage and new energy access.


Research Fields

n Theory of multi-scale analysis of electromagnetic and multi-physics fields

n New magnetic materials and advanced electromagnetic equipment

n Electrical energy systems for all/multi-electric vehicles


Contacts: Prof. Shuhong Wang



Institute of Electrical Equipment and Intelligent System


The Institute will inherit and carry forward the traditions and advantages formed by the electrical discipline, so that it will take a strong lead on electric power equipment in China. Meanwhile, it will continuously enhance its international influence. The vision of the institute is to gather the advantageous resources and carry out innovative research on AC and DC transmission and distribution equipment. It strives for serving the development of the electric industry. The institute has a strong research team, including selectees in National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, MOE Changjiang Scholars, etc. It has 252kV/100kA AC synthesis experimental platform, 10kV/1000A DC circuit breakers test platform, etc.


Research Fields

n Electrical contact and arc plasma

n Theory and technology of switching equipment

n Intelligent electrical equipment and systems

n Pulsed power technology

n Power storage equipment and systems


Contacts: Prof. Yingsan Geng



Institute of High Voltage Physics and Engineering



With the development of ultra-high-capacity AC/DC UHV transmission and flexible power grids, the failure law of electrical equipment under operating conditions is complex. Sudden failures seriously threaten the energy transmission capability and operational reliability of UHV systems. The upgrade of design theory and intelligent operation & maintenance is the only way to optimize the technical and economic performance of electrical equipment and improve the resistance to fault risk. The understanding of the physical process of the evolution of the operating performance of high-voltage electric power equipment under strongly coupled multi-field conditions is the basis for design optimization and intelligent operation & maintenance.


It has four research platforms, including Discharge Physics and Effects Simulation, Smart Operation & Maintenance Verification, Electromagnetic Effects and Processing, and Discharge Plasma Diagnosis.


Research Fields:

n Dielectric discharge physics and effects

n New power transmission technology and intelligent electrical equipment

n Electrical equipment condition sensing and intelligent assessment

n Special electromagnetic effects and engineering applications


Contacts: Prof. Qiaogen Zhang



Institute of Power Systems and Its Resilience


The modern power system will form a new generation of power system with “extensive interconnection, intelligent interaction, flexibility, safety control and open sharing” under the trend of high proportion of new energy access. We are dedicated to many theoretical and key technical problems faced by the new generation of power systems, such as planning, operation, control and protection. It has three platforms, including new generation physical simulation platform of power system, energy internet simulation platform, relay protection and safety automatic device collaborative innovation platform.


Research Fields:

n New generation power system planning and operation technology

n Flexible power system

n New generation power system analysis and control technology

n Research on power market and trading system

n New generation of high performance relay protection and safety automatic devices for power systems

n Energy Internet


Contacts: Prof. Zhaohong Bie



Institute of Electrical Insulation and Electrical Materials


The Institute was established on the basis of the Electrical Insulation Research Center. It first originated from the Department of Electrical Insulation and Cable Technology which was established in 1953. In 1963, the Electrical Insulation Research Laboratory under Ministry of Education was established. In 1982, it was approved to be the only doctoral program and post-doctoral station in the discipline of electrical materials and insulation technology. It is also the first batch of national key disciplines. In 2002, it was approved to be the national key discipline of high voltage and insulation technology. In 1989, the State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment was approved by the government. It has established long-term cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, France, Italy, Canada, etc. It has become an important base for the cultivation of talents and scientific research in the field of electrical insulation of electric power equipment.


It has four research platforms:

1. Development and testing platform for electrical insulation systems under repetitive pulse conditions

2. New energy materials development and application platform

3. Nanocomposite materials development and testing platform for high-voltage DC cables

4. Electrical insulation of carrier transportation research platform


Research Fields:

n Fundamental theory of dielectric and new dielectric materials (nano-composite, environment-friendly materials, etc.)

n Electrical insulation design and simulation

n Electrical insulation system and testing technology under extreme conditions

n Electric power equipment insulation state assessment and life cycle management

n Efficient energy conversion and storage materials

n Intelligent electrical materials


Contacts: Prof. Kai Wu



Institute of Power Electronic and Industrial Automation


The Institute with 3500m2 laboratory has professional testing instruments and equipment that reach international advanced level. The Institute include 10 laboratories, such as:

1. Device and package testing lab

2. Low-voltage converter testing lab

3. Medium and high-voltage converter testing lab

4. New power supply and energy conversion device testing lab

5. Motor dynamic characteristics and servo system testing lab

6. Parallel power converter and micro-grid testing lab

7. New power supply and distribution system technology lab

8. Power system dynamic performance simulation and experiment lab

9. Intelligent control and big data analysis lab

10. High-performance computing and simulation lab


Contacts: Prof. Jinjun Liu



Institute of Electrical Measurement Technology and Instrumentation


With the improvement of China's power grid automation level, the increasing complexity of the power system in various equipment, its operation process of automatic protection and maintenance, as well as scientific research process parameters to obtain, increasingly dependent on measurement technology and instruments.


It has three platforms, including advanced sensing platform, intelligent instrumentation platform, electromagnetic metrology platform.


Research Fields:

n Advanced sensing: optical fiber sensing, micro and nano sensing, electromagnetic sensing

n Intelligent instrumentation: parametric testing, material analysis, status analysis, and other related technologies

n Electromagnetic metrology: Metrology science in the field of electrical engineering


Contacts: Prof. Xiaojun Tang



Z Pinch and Its Applications Civil-Military Integration Innovative Center


Aiming at the frontiers of world science and technology, the Center focuses its research on fusion science, materials science under extreme conditions, simulation of celestial phenomena, etc.


Research Fields:

n Ultra-high power electrical pulse generation, transmission, convergence and coupling

n Z-pinch load and radiation conversion

n Z-pinch plasma diagnostic technology

n Z-pinch application science frontier

n Metal wire electric explosion plasma application technology


Contacts: Prof. Xingwen Li



Research Center for Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy


The Center was established in 2012 as a research institution for the sustainable development of future energy and power system. The Center dedicated to research on new nanomaterials for energy storage and energy conversion, and then promote the industrialization process of these technologies. At present, the Center has 6 laboratories for materials simulation, materials synthesis, materials processing/energy storage, nano-carbon materials preparation, thin film preparation, and performance characterization and analysis. The investment for instruments is over 20 million RMB. It can complete all experiments from basic material synthesis to performance characterization, and then to energy storage device assembly. Since its establishment, the center has published more than 90 SCI papers in English, including 10 in international top journals (IF > 10).


Research Fields:

n Novel carbon materials (new carbon structures, highly conductive carbon materials, porous graphene)

n New low-temperature, high-density hydrogen storage materials

n Li-ion battery electrode materials, Na-ion battery electrode materials

n Novel energy storage devices (asymmetric supercapacitors)

n Low-temperature denitrification catalysts/reaction mechanisms, photodegradable water to hydrogen catalysts

n Theoretical simulation of big data time series machine models in the field of smart grid


Contacts: Prof. Xiaogang Han



Research Centre for Plasma Biomedicine


The plasma biomedicine is an interdisciplinary major, focusing on the biomedical applications under low-voltage condition. At high voltages above 1 kV, gas media breakdowns to produce plasma, which is rich in a wide variety active particles with significant biological effects. Under specific control conditions, the plasma has room temperature, large area and strong activity, which can be directly applied to clinical treatment. It has been found that plasma has good potential for application in low-temperature sterilization, anti-infection, rapid hemostasis, wound healing, soft tissue excision, dermatological treatment, and cancer treatment. Presently, the products in low temperature sterilization, rapid hemostasis, wound healing and cosmetology have been approved by FDA and realized the productized application.


In view of the rapid development of plasma biomedicine, the center was established in 2012, which is leading by Prof. Mic Kong. The center brings together researchers from electrical engineering, physics, biology and medicine to conduct multidisciplinary crossover research under a common experimental platform, and has achieved fruitful results. The goal of the center is to lead the scientific research and talent training in China in the field of plasma biomedicine.


Research Fields:

n Plasma treatment of severe infections

n Plasma treatment of psoriasis

n Plasma disinfection and air purification

n Plasma treatment of cancer


Contacts: Prof. Dingxin Liu



Research Center for Advanced Electrical Materials


Electrical materials are the core of high-performance power equipment and the key to realize “made in China 2025”. With the deepening of the concept of global energy interconnection, it is urgent to carry out systematic and in-depth research on key electrical materials for electrical engineering. It is of great significance of UHV transmission system construction and large-scale new energy access to the power grid. Combining experimental characterization, mechanism and simulation, we will achieve original and significant results with independent intellectual property rights through the research.


Research Fields:

n Fundamentals of dielectric theory and its applications

n Magnetic materials and their applications

n Organic insulating materials and their applications

n Organic semiconductor materials and their applicaitons


Contacts: Prof. Shengtao Li



Research Center for Advanced Electrical Power Storage Technology


Energy storage technology is the support to realize the large-scale utilization of renewable energy and ensure the stable operation of power grid. It is the trend of the development of power industry and an important support to realize the national energy structure adjustment.


Four platforms are planned to build, including electrochemical battery R&D platform, hydrogen energy storage R&D platform, battery recycling R&D platform, energy internet research and application platform.


Research Fields:

n New electrochemical energy storage materials

n New electrochemical energy storage device

n Hydrogen-based electric energy storage technology

n Battery recycling and reuse

n Multi-energy complementary energy internet technology


Contacts: Prof. Jianhua Wang



Collaborative Innovation Center for Insulation and Application


The center is strive for solve key technical problems, applications and industrialization of power equipment in UHV transmission, and further improve the level of China’s power equipment manufacturing and international competitiveness. It has six institutes and two platforms. The area is about 5000m2. It has about 100 faculties.


Research Fields:

n Development and application of insulation system high performance material

n Multi-physical field simulation and regulation of transmission and transformation equipment

n Design and optimization of electrical insulation structure of power equipment

n Advanced insulation testing technology research and online monitoring

n Insulation reliability analysis and life assessment of power equipment

n High-end power equipment research and development and application technology transformation


Contacts: Prof. Zongren Peng



Collaborative Innovation Center for Cables


With the rapid development of urbanization and construction in China, the voltage level of urban power grids has been gradually increased. The cabling construction of transmission and distribution networks is a necessary for urbanization. The natural disasters caused by the world climate change are becoming more and more serious. The cabling transmission and distributing networks can effectively improve the ability of the power grid to resist physical threats (natural disasters and man-made attacks) and operational reliability. Nuclear energy, wind and solar energy and other new energy generation, as well as rail transportation, aerospace and naval, marine engineering and other related equipment with high-end cable demand is also growing. It has three research platforms, including cable material design and development, cable system design and simulation, cable system test and evaluation.


Research Fields:

n Basic research of high-end cable insulation design

n High-end cable material and cable system preparation key technology

n High-end cable testing and application


Contacts: Prof. Lisheng Zhong



Research Center for High-quality Power Supply and Intelligent Distribution Network Equipment


The distribution grid is an important foundation of the energy internet and a key part of power supply services. Combined with the national development strategy for distribution grid, it is necessary to carry out technical research on next generation smart distribution grid. It has two platforms, including intelligent quality power supply equipment platform and intelligent DC distribution network equipment products.


Research Fields:

n Key technologies of high quality power supply system

Regional grid power quality monitoring and big data compression and processing technologies

Sequence of key equipment for power quality management

Regional grid quality optimization operation strategy

Regional grid impedance parameter measurement and safe & stable operation

Reliability assessment and life prediction of key equipment of power grid

n Key technologies for smart distribution grid system equipment

AC/DC network interconnection routers

Intelligent DC distribution network transformers

Intelligent DC distribution network circuit breakers

Intelligent DC current limiter

Energy storage and new energy grid connection

Intelligent metering big data system and cloud platform

DC distribution network protection system

Contacts: Prof. Fang Zhuo



Research Center for Advanced Electromagnetic Regulation and Control


Three experimental platforms will be built, including high-performance computing platform, electromagnetic metamaterial and hyperplane research experimental platform and electrical energy conversion detection control platform.


Research Fields:

n High-performance electromagnetic computing and design

n Basic theory and key technology of energy regulation and interconnection

n Power electronics and new energy systems


Contacts: Prof. Xikui Ma



Research Center for Electromagnetic Environments and Electromagnetic Security


In recent years, China has attached great importance to national key infrastructure and EMC security of national defense equipment, such as power grids, oil and gas pipeline networks, etc. The center is established based on State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment, MOE Key Laboratory of Special Electrical Technology. It has an international joint research center – International Joint Research Center of Transient Electromagnetic Environment and Application. It has experimental platforms, such as high-power microwave dark room, electromagnetic reverberation room, electromagnetic pulse radiation environment and conduction injection simulation system, adjustable parameter high re-frequency TESLA radiation system, etc.


Research Fields:

n Basic theory of electromagnetic environment generation, simulation, radiation, interaction, coupling mechanism, effect assessment, safety protection.

n Transient electromagnetic phenomena such as high-altitude electromagnetic pulse, lightning, intentional electromagnetic interference (narrowband and broadband high-power microwaves), VFTO, extreme geomagnetic storms, etc.


Contacts: Prof. Yanzhao Xie



Research Center for Advanced High Voltage and Plasma Technology


Research Fields:

n High voltage equipment insulation and deterioration characteristics

n Advanced electrical condition sensing and evaluation

n High voltage discharge and plasma technology

n New high voltage technologies for key industries


Contacts: Prof. Guanjun Zhang



Research Center for Intelligent Sense and Electrical Automation


With the rapid development of global Artificial Intelligence (AI), the power system also pays more and more attention to the development and application of AI. The application of AI in power system can change the management mode of power system. It can realize demand-side response, load prediction, the whole life refinement management of equipment, equipment fault and status assessment, etc. It also can provide effective technical guarantee for operation, maintenance and management of power equipment and system. The application of advanced intelligent perception technology, cloud storage and computing technology, big data analysis technology and artificial intelligence deep mining technology can support the whole process of operation and maintenance from power generation, transmission and distribution to power consumption, and lay the foundation for the construction of smart grid and smart power consumption. It has three platforms, including power intelligent sensing, power big data analysis and power robot.


Research Fields:

n Key technologies of intelligent sensing

n Electric power big data analysis

n Research on common technologies and applications of power-specific robots


Contacts: Prof. Yanbin Zhang



Research Center for Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Package and Integration


The third-generation power semiconductor devices, i.e., wide band power devices represented by silicon carbide and gallium nitride, are characterized by fast switching speed, low loss and high operating temperature, and other excellent performance. At present, the technology of third-generation power semiconductor devices has become gradually mature. However, the new device packaging integration technology has not been able to keep up. It becomes a bottleneck to limit the development of the industry. The center is established to solve the key problems of third-generation of power semiconductor packaging integration, the development of industry standards, and ultimately achieve large-scale industrialization. It will promote their comprehensive popularization and application.


Contacts: Prof. Laili Wang