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Research Areas
Research Areas

n  Dielectric Materials and Electrical Insulation

It aims at the processing of the insulating materials used in AC/DC power transmission and distribution equipment, design of insulation system, and insulation technology under extreme conditions. We are striving to solve the scientific and engineering problems related to electrical insulation in the process of energy feeding, transmission and conversion.

l   Advanced dielectric materials: structure design, preparation and characterization

l   Insulation for DC power equipment

l   Insulation under extreme conditions


n  Advanced Electric Power Equipment

It aims at the long distance and large capacity UHV hybrid network. Satisfy the needs of the energy feeding and transmission of the large-scale renewable energy; seize the trend of environmentally friendly intelligent energy; solve key problems related to the design, manufacturing, monitoring and maintenance of energy conversion devices.

l   DC power equipment

l   Environmentally friendly equipment

l   Intelligent power equipment


n  Pulsed Power High Current Discharge Plasma and its Application

For the demands of both national defense and civil requirement, it aims at solving the scientific and engineering problems in the production and application of fusion energy resource, physical mechanism of plasma, power source integration and so on.

l   High power pulse generator technology

l   Simulation of HEMP and its effect test

l   Pulsed power discharge plasma


n  Advanced Power System

With the development of smart grid, we are striving to study the issues about integration of advanced power system and distributed energy sources, including planning, operation, control and protection. Furthermore, the key technologies in big data collection, storage, mining, signal processing, real-time response and control are also included.

l   Multi-frequency controllable power system

l   Full-controllable power converter

l   Smart grid and independent power system

l   Advanced energy storage technology


n  Electromagnetic Environment, Effect and Security

        For national security, it aims at grid security issues, such as power system planning, operation security and equipment security, etc. We are striving to solve the scientific and technical problems of the grid security assessment and protection. For environmental and biological aspects, we are striving to study the mechanisms and effects of electromagnetic interactions.