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Key Labs & Engineering Centers
Key Labs & Engineering Centers

n  National Research Platform:

    State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment

    National Electric and Electronic Teaching Demonstration Center


n  Provincial and MOE Research Platform:

     Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Electric Apparatus (MOE)

Key Laboratory of Special Electrical Technology (MOE)

Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Apparatus and CAD (Shaanxi Province)

National Key Laboratory of Reliability and Life Evaluation Technology of Advanced Power Grid and Equipment (National Energy Administration)

Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced DC Power Technology and Equipment (Shaanxi Province)

Key Laboratory of Smart Grid (Shaanxi Province)

Engineering Research Center of High Voltage Discharge Plasma (Shaanxi Province)

R&D Center of National Energy Power Electronics Technology and Equipment (National Energy Administration)

Engineering Laboratory of High Voltage High Current Testing Technology and Equipment (Shaanxi Province)


State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment   


Contact: Prof. Shengtao Li




The State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment at Xi’an Jiaotong University of China was established in 1991 and formally opened to the public in 1995. At present, the laboratory is led by the director Professor WANG Jianhua and the director of the academic committee, Professor LEI Qingquan, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


The laboratory’s research fields are mainly:

1) Structures, properties, characterizations and applications of dielectric materials

2) Electrical equipment and its intelligentization

3) Insulation systems of electric power equipment and their life management

4) Advanced technology of electrical engineering and their applications


Each field focuses further on global competitiveness and effectiveness in the frontier of electrical insulation and electric power equipment. The laboratory has undertaken a number of large-scale projects, and its contributions have been recognized through a series of awards, including 13 national awards and 65 provincial awards in scientific research, 1211 invention patents and more than 9,000 papers since 2003. The laboratory has promoted international academic cooperation and exchanges. It has hosted and organized 51 international conferences in the last 10 years. 415 of its staff serve on the committees and editorial boards of important national and international academic organizations.


The laboratory has 66 full-time faculty staffs  and 25 technicians and academic secretaries who are employed by our laboratory, dedicated to both teaching and research.


Furthermore, the laboratory has many advanced instruments andstate-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are nationally competitive and capable of providing precise and systematic research tools to prospective investigators. As a world-renowned source for remarkable contributions in scientific research, education, academic exchange, and technology commercializing in the field of electric power in China, we are proud of our research, our accomplishments, and our growing team of scholars and researchers.



Intelligent Electrical Apparatus and CAD Engineering Research Center (Shaanxi Province)


Contact: Prof. Jianhua Wang



The center established in November 1999, is the only provincial-level intelligent electrical apparatus and CAD engineering center in China. The supporting discipline of the center is the state key discipline of electric machines and electrical apparatus. The mission of the center is to integrate information technology with electrical technology, and resolve the basic principles and technologies of new generation intelligent electrical apparatus. We strive for designing and developing new power equipment with intelligent and communicable functions, further to realize the intelligent online monitoring and fault diagnosis. The research achievements will promote the upgrading of China’s electric power equipment industry and technological progress. It will benefit to enhance R&D capability of China’s electrical intelligent products.


Research Fields:

1.      Theory and technology of switchgear intellectualization and CAD

2.      Monitoring online and diagnosis technology

3.      Integrated automation system of substation and distribution automation system

4.      New intelligent sensors and system integration

5.      Special integrated circuits of intelligent electrical apparatus

6.      Fieldbus technology and its application in the intelligent system of electrical apparatus


The center has developed SOC-based reconfigurable intelligent hardware platform, and a large number of monitoring, diagnosis, controlling and protection modules. A series of design software for electrical switchgear, bus bars and other products, which are widely used in the switchgear industry. The design capability of power equipment enterprises have been improved significantly. One second prize of National Scientific and Technological Award, and two first prize of Provincial and MOE Scientific and Technological Award were got. They have tens of invention patents and software copyrights. Hundreds of papers were published in the journals.