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1. Discipline Startup (1908--1927)
In 1980, the Department of Electrical Machinery was founded, which was divided into two sections: Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.


2. School of Electrical Machinery (1928—1936)
In 1928, the Department of Electrical Machinery was renamed as School of Electrical Machinery.


3. World War II (1937—1945)
In 1937, Jiaotong University was moved to Chongqing;
In 1938, the School of Engineering was established, and the School of Electrical Machinery was renamed the Department of Electrical Machinery. Shanghai Part was renamed Nanyang University.


4. Liberation (1945—1949)
In 1946, all staff and students moved back to Shanghai.


5. Moving to Xi’an (1949—1966)
In 1952, the Electrical Machinery departments of Tongji University, Lujiang University, Zhendan University, Datong University and Shanghai Institute of Technology were merged into Jiaotong University.
In 1953, the major of Electrical Insulation and Cable Technology was founded by Prof. Chen Jidan.
In 1956, the major of High Voltage Technology was founded. And the State Council decided to relocate Jiaotong University to Xi’an.
In 1959, with the approval of the State Council, the Xi’an and Shanghai parts of Jiaotong University were established independently, and the Xi’an part was named Xi’an Jiaotong University.
In 1962, the electrical insulation research center was founded.


6. Ten Years of Cultural Revolution (1966—1976)
Teaching and research work was at a standstill, and enrollment in all majors was closed.


7. Leaps and Bounds (1977—1993)
In 1978, the Department of Electrical Machinery was renamed the Department of Electrical Engineering.
In 1986, Electromagnetic Measurement and Instrumentation specialty was approved to be founded.
In 1991, State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment was approved to be established.
In 1993, the Department of Electrical Engineering was upgraded the School of Electrical Engineering, including four departments.


8. New Era (1993—now)