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Welcome from the Dean
Welcome from the Dean

Prof. Zhaohong Bie
Dean of School of Electrical Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering (EE) of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) stemmed from the department of Electrical Machines of Nanyang College founded in 1908. The founders of the school initiated the higher education of electrical engineering in China under extraordinary difficulties, with great patriotism and passion towards the industrialization of the nation. In 1956, with our predecessors’ spirits of contribution and dedication, the university was relocated in Xi’an with the aim of developing the west. It is their spirit that constantly inspired us and made the school one of the leading educational and innovative bases in the filed of electrical engineering, both domestically and internationally.

In the century-long history of XJTU EE, high educational standards, solid base of knowledge, and intensive practical skills have always been the core value of her people. The value passed from one generation to the other, to educate students and to cultivate their character of Honesty, Innovation, Tolerance, and Dedication.

The school has been longing for boosting the educational and technological development of China. Under this goal, she will always aim at the national’s strategic need, international academic frontier, and the domestic economic development. Teaching, research, and social service will always be comprehensively combined to achieve the highest level of education and innovation.

The school has always been pursuing the dream of becoming a world-class organization. She will seek for opportunities to broaden the international scope of its faculties and students, by strengthening the international collaborations with top universities and research institutes all over the world. She will consistently make efforts to push herself to a broader international stage in the merging world.

With the historical values and eternal passions, taking the opportunity of “The Belt and Road Initiative” of China, the school of EE of XJTU has a strong confidence to create a new era of glory!