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Department of High Voltage Technology

The major of High Voltage Technology was established in Shanghai in the spring of 1956. It was targeted as a disciplinary major at the beginning of its establishment. In 1980, High Voltage Technology became the first batch discipline which authorized to confer master degree. In 1986, it was authorized to confer doctorate degree and became a post-doctoral research station. In 1993, the Ministry of Education made adjustment for majors. High voltage technology and electrical insulation and cable technology were merged into the major of high voltage and insulation technology, which is the key discipline of national universities.


The main research fields are: insulation structure design and optimization of power equipment, overvoltage and insulation cooperation, insulation diagnosis and condition assessment technology of power equipment, pulse power and discharge plasma, etc. With the development of the discipline, the research fields not only cover the electric power and electrical sectors, but is widely used in many fields such as environment, energy, national defense and electromagnetic compatibility.