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Powering a Sustainable Carbon-neutral Future with a New Power System --IEEE PES DAY 2022 China

On April 24th, IEEE PES Day 2022 China theme event – “Symposium on Powering a Sustainable Carbon-neutral Future with a New Power System” was held online and streamed live globally. More than 70,000 people from all over the world viewed the event. The event was led by the IEEE PES China Chapter Council (PCCC) and hosted by Xi’an Jiaotong University. Three academicians Guangfu Tang, Xiaohong Guan, Yonghua Song were invited to present at the symposium. IEEE President-Elect Saifur Rahman, IEEE PES President Jessica Bian, IEEE PES Regional Representative of Asia and Pacific Dean Sharafi, and the Chair of IEEE PES Day 2022 Mercy Chelangat delivered welcome remarks for this event online. Prof. Bie Zhaohong, the President of IEEE PCCC and the Vice-President of Xi’an Jiaotong University, hosted the event.



The “dual carbon goals” is a solemn commitment made by China to the world in the face of global climate environmental changelings and sustainable development. Building a new power system based on new energy is an effective way to achieve “dual carbon goals”. It is also a major deployment made by the nation. At present, building a new power system has become the consensus of the Chinese power and energy industry. All parties have striven to resolve the challenges and technology bottlenecks faced in this process. Fruitful results and valuable experience have also been achieved. IEEE PES Day 2022 China theme event is held to showcase China’s new power system solutions and achievements. Engineers in the filed of power and energy from all over the world should work together and act in solidarity for a bright future.




Prof. Saifur Rahman, IEEE President-Elect, Ms. Jessica Bian, IEEE PES President, Prof. Dean Sharafi, IEEE PES Regional Representative of Asia and Pacific, sent a video message to celebrate the event, respectively. Ms. Mercy Chelangat, Chair of IEEE PES DAY 2022, delivered a welcome remark online and she highly appreciated the organization of the IEEE PES DAY 2022 China.

Ambassador of IEEE PES DAY 2022 China, Dr. ZHU Lingyu, Vice Dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, introduced the series of activities and development in China on behalf of IEEE PCCC.

Prof. Xiaohong Guan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow, gave a keynote speech entitled “Green Smart Energy System and Energy Revolution”. He said that the trend of the power system is green smart energy system. Large-scale energy storage technology is the key to new energy consumption and utilization. The distributed zero-carbon smart energy system based on the large-scale utilization of hydrogen energy will likely deeply change the energy composition and realize the energy revolution marked by green, distribution and market.

Prof. Guangfu Tang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, analyzed the challenges faced by China’s energy transition and put forward some thoughts on building a new power system in China under the title of “Building a new power system to accelerate the low-carbon energy transition”. He said that China’s energy transition faces huge challenges, and we still have to achieve major breakthroughs in new energy, smart energy systems, hydrogen energy and energy storage, devices and chips, and the clean use of fossil energy. He suggested that we should pool our research resources to create a national strategic science and technology force, so that we can achieve the goal of low-carbon and clean energy transition as soon as possible. 

Next, Prof. Yonghua Song, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering UK, IEEE Fellow and President of the University of Macau, gave a speech on “Uncertainty Forecasting, Analysis and Control of Renewable Power Systems”. He said that uncertainty is an inherent characteristic of renewable power systems. He proposed a prediction and analysis method, and then presented the application of demonstration project. It provides an authoritative reference for the study of key issues of new energy uncertainty faced by renewable power systems.

Finally, Prof. Laili Wang, a winner of the Youth Program of the National Talent Program, gave a speech entitled “Opportunities and Challenges of Wide-bandwidth Power Electronics in Power Conversion Equipment Applications”. He said that the wide-bandwidth power electronics have obvious advantages. Their application will have a huge impact on the electrical energy conversion and it will bring revolutionary new opportunities for electrical energy conversion.

The topic of IEEE PES Day 2022 is “Powering a sustainable future”. In China, 27 PES Day ambassadors were registered by local chapters and 17 activities will be organized in the following week, including academic reports, salon forums, career sharing, etc. The number of the activities is the highest of previous PES Day events.



  The event has gained the attention of domestic and international counterparts. Siyuan of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Bilibili live streaming platforms broadcasted the whole event both in Chinese and English. The cumulative number of audiences on all platforms exceeded 79,000. 

  The success of the IEEE PES Day 2022 China will facilitate a deeper understanding of new power systems and the promotion of academic discussion and cooperation in related fields worldwide. It will also contribute to improve the level of research and application in the field of new power systems, thus supporting sustainable development in harmony with nature.