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[Research Highlights]Research progress in the field of cathode materials for high specific energy sodium-ion batteries

Prof. Pengfei Wang's group proposed to use the synergistic effect of three specific functional ions, Li+, Mg2+ and Ti4+, to effectively solve the difficult problem of ordered rearrangement of sodium vacancy in the low-voltage region and large-volume phase transition in the high-voltage region for P2-type cathode materials. The operating voltage of designed cathode material is 3.57 V, and a reversible specific capacity is 134 mAh g-1. The cell energy density reaches to 296 Wh kg-1.

The related manuscript of “Mitigating the Large-Volume Phase Transition of P2-Type Cathodes by Synergetic Effect of Multiple Ions for Improved Sodium-Ion Batteries” has been published in 《Advanced Energy Materials》 on 21st February.